We just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved for the Teen Driving Class today! Our son Greg had an amazing day and learned so much about driving. All of the instructors and staff were great! We also appreciated all the details like the cold drinks, the restrooms, the lunch and the smooth check in. Thank you so much for putting together this program. It was a great experience that Greg will take forward in his driving for years to come!

  • Jeff & Maggie

Good evening Mrs. Bellotti, I hope you had a nice Sunday evening. I wanted to say thank you for the driving class.
Thank you for your organization of the instructors, the speakers, the meals and most importantly thank you for your caring of MY child's safety. I have recommended this course to everyone I know with teenagers, as I think it is of the utmost importance they learn these skills.
My oldest daughter wasn't able to attend today due to a prior commitment, but she came for a little while. She expressed her feelings of anxiety, however after speaking with another dad whose daughter also experiences anxiety, I am confident that she'll be able to overcome her feelings for the sake of her safety. I am hopeful that there will be another class soon, and I will sign her up. I will keep an eye on your website for possible dates.

  • Jesika

Just wanted to thank all of you for an amazing experience. My husband and I were planning on watching for a while and leaving but we ended up staying for the whole event simply because it was awesome to watch our daughter in the different stages of the lessons. It was amazing to see such a shy teen get a little more confident with each exercise and we walked away feeling a lot more confident knowing she was able to see what could happen and what to do in different scenarios that we just aren't able to show her. I have told every one I know that has teens getting permits/licensed to, at least, see what you're about. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Tannith

our vision

  • Welcome

    The Stephanie Bellotti Teen Fund is working to bring an enhanced level of driver training to our young teens. There are wonderful professionally staffed driving schools throughout the United States; however cost and location of these programs make taking advantage of this training prohibitive for most local teens.

    We are working to bring professional quality training to our youth with no cost to them. Every young driver is important. Let’s wake up and do a better job before we lose another teen to a fatal car accident.

    When driving, a small technical mistake may be a fatal one. Stephanie Bellotti born in 1986 died in a single car fatal accident at the age of 16. Even good kids may not know how to handle an emergency. It is our hope to prevent other families from tragic loss such as ours. Our catch phrase says it all. KEEP’ EM ALIVE. We can sit idly by and watch a huge percentage of teens die every year or we can do a better job of preparing our kids for the road.

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